Track 1: Wearable and Consumer Apps for Health and Wellness (Associated with the Consumer Electronics Society)
Chair: Alistair McEwan 

Biosensor-based mobile health apps
Smart garments/textiles
Wearable sensors
Point of care devices and technologies
Smart devices and technologies
Design methodologies and app development

Track 2: Bio-Circuits and Systems (Associated with Circuits and Systems Society)
Energy harvesting/scavenging Technology
Chair: Mohamad Sawan

Track 3: Biosensors and Biomedical Signals (Associated with Signal Processing Society)
Biosensor technologies
Biosignal processing

Track 4: Control Systems for Life Sciences (Associated with the Control Systems Society)
Medical control systems
Synthetic biology

Track 5: Cognitive computing and Deep Learning in Life Sciences (Associated with IEEE Computer Society, and IEEE Technical Committee on Computational Life Sciences)
Chair: Paolo Soda

Big Data for healthcare
Deep learning and pattern recognition
Data pre-processing, cleansing, management, mining and integration
Image Computing

Track 6: Social implications of Technology for Life Sciences (Associated with the Society of Social Implications of Technology)               

Track 7: Engineering for Life Sciences (Associated with the Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society)
Rehabilitation and assistive technologies
Brain-computer interfaces
Imaging technologies and processing
Virtual reality (VR) in healthcare and medicine
Electronic medical records

Track 8: Communications for Life Sciences (Associated with the Communications Society)
Chair: Christos Verikoukis

IoT for healthcare
Wireless communication and networking”

Track 9: Forensics and Bioinformatics
Chair: Ahmit Kumar

Track 10: Extreme Environments
Chair: Tobias Cibis

Track 11: Rehabilitation
Chair: Alistair McEwan