Track 9 – Forensics and Bioinformatics

Chair: Ahmit Kumar

Forensic Biomedical and Health Bioinformatics (FBHB)

Twentieth Century witnessed the revolution of Information Technology; observers say that Human Civilization is in the verge of witnessing the Bio-medical Revolution in the Twenty-first Century. There is some Common & fatal Diseases, which if detected at early stage, can be prevented to be fatal and difficult to cure. Bioinformatics also has a wide spectrum of utility in Forensic science especially in DNA Forensics area where the identification of DNA Profiles becomes a challenge. This track is aimed towards a special keynote on Biomedical and Health Bioinformatics and discussion on Role of informatics in Genetic Predisposition analysis and expert systems for screening and Insilco Health Risk assessment. We invite workshop proposal and Papers suitable to this session.

 Papers, Workshop and Tutorial Proposals are invited but not restricted from the following Areas

(Please adhere to the ILS Conference paper submission Guidelines for submitting papers)

  • Medical Informatics
  • Forensic Bioinformatics
  • Signal Processing approach in Biology
  • Computational Intelligence in Bioinstrumentation
  • Bioinstrumentation
  • Protein Informatics
  • Health Bioinformatics
  • Computational Biology and Health Bioinformatics
  • Neural Networks in Medicine
  • Neural Networks in Bioinformatics
  • DNA Forensics
  • Genetic Predisposition


Amit Kumar
CEO & CSO- BioAxis DNA Research Centre (P) Ltd, Hyderabad, India
Member – IEEE MGA Strategic Direction and Environmental Assessment Committee (SDEA)