1. Nanotextured Engineered Interfaces to Living Systems
    Samir Iqbal, PhD, PE, FRSC (University of Texas Rio Grande Valley)
  1. Monitoring Systems During Orthopedic Surgeries, from Circuits to Clinic
    Hong Chen (Tsinghua University, China)
  1. Signal Processing in Brain-Implantable Microsystems
    Amir M. Sodagar (York University)
  1. Implantable Technology
    Robert Sobot (ETIS/ENSEA–Université de Cergy–Pontoise–CNRS, France; Western University, Canada)
  1. Impact of Signal and Imaging Processing Technologies in Medical Imaging, the Case of High-Resolution Imaging
    Denis Kouamé (University of Toulouse III)
  1. Agile Clinical Decision Support Application Development
    Vaishnavi Kannan, MS, Mujeeb Basit, MD, MMSc, Duwayne Willett, MD, MS
    (University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center) 
  1. Wearable Medical Devices and the Call for Self-Awareness of Systems
    Nima TaheriNejad (Institute of Computer Technology, TU Wien)
  1. Circuits and Technologies for High-Density Neural Recording
    Carolina Mora Lopez (IMEC)