Call for Special Session Proposals

Please see website for deadline date for proposal submissions

The conference will cover diverse topics within the Life Sciences topics. The scientific program of LSC 2018 will include tutorials, plenary talks, special sessions, regular lecture and poster presentations of peer-reviewed papers, panel discussions, etc. In addition, an IEEE Women in Engineering event, various students’ competition, and other initiatives to be announced shortly. Special Sessions must cover current and future trends of Life Sciences.

Proposal Submission

Please use the Template and Guidelines below, submit your Special Session in PDF format to the Special Session Co-Chairs at the following Email addresses:

Dr. Sameer Antani:
Dr. Stefan Mozar:

Once your Special Session has been accepted, the organizers invite the authors to submit their 4-page contributions through the Epapers management system, selecting the Track “Special Session”. Deadline and instructions are shown below in the Guidelines section.


This document contains a template for all the information relevant to organize a Special Session (SS) within LSC’18.  Invited papers within a SS are to be delivered by leading researchers in their respective areas. This template should be filled and submitted in PDF format, by the deadline to Special Session Co-Chairs. If the proposal is accepted, the information provided by the organizers in the text below will be used to advertise the SS in the conference Webpage.

IMPORTANT: please read carefully the guidelines at the end of the template.

  • Organizers’ Names
  • Organizers’ Affiliations (include postal address and phone number)
  • Organizers’ Email Addresses
  • Special Session Title
  • Special Session Abstract (~ 10 lines): Please explain why the proposed topic is good for a SS
  • Structure (up to 10 lines): Please list the projected papers (title, abstract up to 5 lines) of SS.
  • Speakers (up to 5 lines): Please provide the list of key speakers in the proposed SS.

Workshop Topic: Please define the SS topic indicating the relevant LS Track/Topic; refer to the corresponding list shown on the Conference website 


We welcome the submission of proposals for Special sessions. A Special Session (SS) may be delivered by a group of leading researchers and pioneers in their respective areas with a nominal fee charged to registrants. The duration of a SS is expected to be 90 min, which includes five invited papers. The Chair/co-Chair organizers of a SS must ensure the quality of presentations and materials offered to LSC registrants.

A SS covers current and future trends of Life Sciences in hot and emerging healthcare topics, including Wearable devices, sensors, biomedical engineering, etc. Accepted 4-page invited papers will be lectured in the conference, included in the conference proceedings and published in IEEE Xplore. SS proposals should be submitted in PDF format using the above simplified template, no later than the deadline indicated on the conference website.

Selection Criteria for Proposals

The selection process of SS proposals will be based on a set of criteria:

  • Importance of the SS topic, (scientific content, and timeliness of the topic)
  • Qualifications of the invited Authors and Speakers.
  • Existence of competing Special Sessions.

Promotion of Accepted Special Sessions

The SS information (call for papers, program/speakers, etc.) will be provided on a dedicated page of the web site and will be updated accordingly.

Paper Submission and Review

If a SS proposal is accepted, authors should submit their invited papers to special session track under the Epapers tool Epapers will guide Authors on the paper submission process. Please refer to the conference website for paper submission deadline date.

Submitted invited papers will be reviewed similar to regular submissions. For accepted papers, offered presentations to attendees will be reviewed by the program committee. The SS organizers are responsible for ensuring the quality of their SS content.